New York flat roofing company – serving NYC, Long Island and Westchester county.

  • Does your flat roof leak?
  • Have you tried to repair it multiple times with no success?
  • Does it seem like there are no qualified FLAT roofing contractors who know what they are doing?

Does your roof look something like this?

Image of a Leaking Flat Roof

You are not alone – there are many home and business owners struggling to make their flat roof watertight and battling roof leaks. At the same time there are VERY few roofers who know how to fix a flat roof. But fear not – you’ve found the right place and the right flat roofing contractor!

We specialize in flat roofing and install the best flat roofing material available on the market – IB Flat Roof. With best Residential and Commercial roof warranties and a proven track record of 33+ years with no material failures, IB Roof is the natural choice to keep your roof from leaking ever again!

In New York, most roofs are flat, and most are covered with either rubber or asphalt type roof – and chances are – your roof is leaking now. We can repair or replace you flat roof, and service all 5 boroughs of NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyne, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island), Westchester County and most of Long Island. Contact us to get a flat roofing estimate in NY

IB Flat Roofing – our material of choice

IB PVC Flat Roof is our roofing material of choice – with Lifetime Residential Warranty and 25 years commercial warranty (including Labor + Material / NDL warranties), IB Flat Roof offers fast and easy installation which can be done in the summer and in the winter, ease of repair, and will withstand ponding water – the bane of most flat roofs!

What makes IB Roof different?

IB Roof is a PVC single-ply flat roofing membrane that uses Hot-Air Welded seams to keep the roof watertight. Most other flat roofing materials (including rubber roofing, torch-down modified bitumen and tar/ asphalt roofs) rely on glue / adhesive to keep overlaps  (seams) together. In time, glue fails and roof begins to leak.

Hot-air welded IB Roof seams become one piece of material after welding, and will not separate with time – thus your roof will remain leaks free for decades. It is also very easy to repair your roof – if a branch or something sharp falls on the roof – simply weld in a patch of material and the roof is whole again! Read more about IB Flat Roofing on

Origins of IB Roof

IB Roof was originally developed in Germany, and was designed to last for decades. It’s original formulation included the best ingredients, needed to maintain

7 thoughts on “New York flat roofing company – serving NYC, Long Island and Westchester county.

  1. Elizabeth Oh

    I would like someone to come and give me a quote for flat roof repair on a commercial property in Flushing Queens as soon as possible. Thank you.

  2. Octavia

    The roof is your home’s main line of defense against water damage or other damage due to the elements.

    Finding a roofing contractor will be the best decision; this will give you the comfort
    of knowing the task will be turned over to someone who knows just what to do.

    A Atlanta roofing contractor will be able to properly install or repair roofing materials to ensure a quality finished product.

  3. robert dunphy

    My roof needs replacing and i don’t have any such funds to fix it at this can you please help me with this issue before my roof caves in on me and i loose everything please?
    robert dunphy

  4. Danny Vera

    Need a quote for IB PVC Flat roof install in a residential apartment building.
    Would be replacing an existing torch roof.

    Please contact me for more details

    Thank you


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