PVC Flat Roof installation in Brooklyn, NY

Flat Roof - Brooklyn, NY

6,3 sq + 1,5 sq small roofs
Remove the existing two layer roof system along with all edge metals on the upper and lower back roofs;
Remove the existing skylights and the large antenna and dispose of them;
Extend the height of the two skylight curbs and the roof hatch a minimum of 5 inches
Install a 3” rigid insulation board to the flat roof surface;
Install a PVC-coated edge metal to the perimeter edges;
Install a 50 mil white PVC single-ply membrane to the entire roof surface;
Install 50 mil PVC single-ply membrane onto the parapet walls and chimneys a minimum of 8 inches;
Install PVC membrane to the skylight curbs and roof hatch curb;
Install two new skylights to the existing skylight locations;
Install a PVC flashing to the plumbing vent pipe;
Install a 50 mil PVC single-ply membrane roof to the two lower roofs on the backside of the building;
Clean up and dispose of all job-related debris.

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